Season Championships

Only numbered regional events count towards year end championships (driving schools, test & tune, and special events do not count).

  • The ETRSCCA 2017 Solo season will be comprised of 10 points events.
  • You must enter at least 5 events to qualify for a year end championship.
  • Your best 6 finishes for the season count towards the year end championship.

Points are scored as follows:

Points are awarded to all drivers in ETR Solo events based on the percentage of the class winner’s time and the individual driver’s time. To determine the individual driver’s points, the winner’s time is divided by the individual driver’s time and multiplied by 100.  All drivers, member or not, are scored. This system is used to prevent ties for championship points.

The formula is:  (Top Time in Class / Individual’s Time) * 100 = points

So, if top time in STS is 40.123 seconds, the winner’s score is:  (40.123 / 40.123) * 100 = 100 points

and if second place’s time is 42.532 seconds:  (40.123 / 42.532) * 100 = 94.34 points

And so on, until all competitors in the class are awarded points.

Please Note:

  • If a driver DNF’s (Did Not Finish) all runs, no points will be awarded to that driver.
  • Novice Classes are not eligible for season championships.

TEAM ETR decals are required for championship points

These are available for $5 per pair on site. If you are running for championship points, this decal is required. Position of the decals on the vehicle are at your discretion. These decals help promote the club and also partially subsidize year-end trophies.