Vehicle Classes

Depending on what your goals are and the modifications that you have performed to the car, it could fit into several classes.

You can download a copy of the solo rulebook, as well as outlines of what other classes may be avaialable to you by visiting the Solo Cars and Rules section of the SCCA website.  Once you begin reading, you may become confused. That’s ok.  We encourage you to visit our community forum, introduce yourself, and let some of the experts there help you class your vehicle.  We’d love to chat with you.

Locally, ETR runs a few additional classes that you need to know about that you may want to explore.

Street Tire Modified (STM)

This class is open to all vehicles that meet the SCCA solo safety requirements (no high-center-of-gravity vehicles) and pass tech inspection.  The only rule in this class is that tires must have a treadwear rating of 200 or greater.  Typical vehicles in this class can range from exotics to muscle cars to turbo imports.  This is a “run-what-you-brung”, raw-time only class.  Despite the great variance in cars and preparation levels, the top competitors usually have some very close finishes!

Ladies (L)

The Ladies Pax Class replaces the previous individual Ladies Classes. Rather than have multiple ladies classes (which often just had one driver in each class, if any) we combine all ladies classes in to a paxed class. Cars of varying performance ability are equalized using a “pax” factor that has been engineered to take the car out of the equation and compare the driver’s skills. This is the same system that our Pro and Rookie classes use.

If you want to participate in the Ladies Pax Class either A) Inform the registration worker of your intent at the event site or B) When registering on-line select “Ladies Pax Class (L)” from the “Indexed Class” menu just under the field where you select your car’s class. Please make an “L” to put in front of your class letters on your car (BS becomes LBS, DS becomes LDS, etc.).


After testing a new novice format for a season, it’s been decided that it would be best to revert to the previous process.

Starting in 2020, ETRSCCA will base novice results on PAX time.

  • Novice class will compete based on PAX time plus cone penalties (+2 seconds per disturbed cone).
  • Novices will compete against other novices in different car classes.
  • Novices will run with their base class.
  • The winner will be the novice driver with lowest PAX time for the day.
  • You may compete as a Novice for 3 events or 1 year (12 months), whichever comes first.
  • A Novice competitor may choose to move into Open Class competition at any time, but may not move back to Novice.
  • Novice class cars must be designated with “N” followed by class. E.g.: NAS, NSTR, NSM, etc.


The best of the best.  Results are based on PAX/RTP.  Most competitors in this class have vehicles that are fully prepared to the extent of the SCCA Solo rules and have years of driving experience.